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1 April 2008

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As the world becomes more competitive, businesses are increasingly trying to refine their strategies to streamline their operations and improve their overall performance. Now if you are looking to sharpen the strategic skills of your team and have typically looked at just traditional approaches which end up as tasking, then its time your broaden your horizons. The Brainwriting Game Software 2.0 offers you an innovative way to sharpen the mental skills of your team members in an engaging manner. The application boasts providing a platform through which professionals can pit their strategic skills against each other in competitive yet non-divisive manner.

The Brainwriting Game Software has a neat and simple interface with major options placed at the top panel. Key subjects that the software includes for working on includes the likes of Risk management, Marketing, Finance etc and it also has detailed drop down lists of a range of sub topics. Inclined to create thought leaders and decision makers, this application comes across as a critical tool for making useful and educational quizzes. The application’s useful functions include adding nodes to the screen, creating a flowchart by entering text in the node, using the small circular node for linking the nodes, and adding images as well. Though the topics included do not indicate a fun quiz, however, the idea is to enlighten the team members about various issues, without making it seem like a training module; furthering productive learning.

The Brainwriting Game Software 2 application comes across as a proficient application for inducing creativity and fresh thought process in your organization and earns a score of 4.5 rating points on account of its innovative gaming structure and the overall ease of use. The application is likely to find many takers amongst professionals who are looking to sharpen their strategic skills.

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Brainwriting Game Software (Creativity, Innovation);
This method is set in the form of a light-hearted competitive game. Creativity methods normally avoid competition because it tends to be divisive. However, as long as the game atmosphere is fun rather than overly competitive, and the facilitator ensures that there are no significant losers, the game format might be useful, particularly in training contexts where winning and losing are likely to be less of an issue and both can be used to provide teaching material.
The game will take a little longer than some other brainwriting techniques. Very little facilitation skill is needed. The structure is as follows:
Brainwriting Game Software
Brainwriting Game Software
Version 2.0
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